Stu and Matt

Covid Orders is a website design and hosting company which can help your business set up a click and collect platform for a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

This online platform solution allows your customers to purchase online at the click of a button and then collect from your store. Going to this type of system will reduce customer time at our store and the number of them queuing together to order, this reducing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Running your business online will mean you will get back to selling products again instantly.

Why you would work with us….. because we can produce a website for you;

  • At a low cost.
  • In a quick and timely manner
  • With a professional design and service.

This allows your business to obtain a functioning website without the hassle of doing it yourself and taking up your valuable time.

Websites are set up as one page to allow your customers to purchase quickly. It will display your business name, company information, a menu of your products, and payment options. A secured connection is used and the customer can pay from their mobile.

The founders Stu and Matt are two mates from New Zealand who have a passion for the outdoors and helping people and their businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic. Kia Kaha

Stu Gemmill and Matt Wild